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The Max Fitness EGYM App is available for free on both iOS and Android. It connects Max Fitness Gym members and allows you to plan and track your workouts and engage with your training progress.


Transform your smartphone into your personal fitness trainer

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Fitness App

The Max Fitness Reebok App
– Your ultimate training hub –

To get the most out of your training, you should manage a range of factors
•    Planned 
•    Tracked
•    Evaluated
•    And constantly optimized
Usually this means detailed conversations with your trainer, memorizing equipment settings, or running around the gym with your training plans on pieces of paper. You have to figure out, track, and evaluate everything yourself.

With the Max Fitness eGym Fitness App, you always have your training hub at your side. The app transforms your smartphone into your personal fitness trainer, accompanying you everywhere, coaching you to succeed, and keeping you motivated at all times.


Give your training some structure while simultaneously benefiting from the limitless freedom of mobile training.

The Max Fitness Reebok app allows you to maintain an accurate record of your training progress any time and any place.


You can collect points by completing exercises and compare your total with your MAX FITNESS GYM friends. Training results are automatically synchronised with the portal, where you can analyse your performance in detail and track your progress.

Max Fitness Reebok App
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